Iron Haus Fitness offers a wide variety of massage and spa treatments
designed to help you relax and rejuvenate.  Because stress is one of America's
greatest health concerns, we believe massage is not just a treat, but an
important therapy.  Massage helps the body detoxify and eliminate negative
effects of physical and emotional stress which arise in our daily lives.  Match
your massage to your needs: from a relaxing Swedish Massage which calms
the mind and eases the body; to a Deep Tissue Massage which works through
the muscle tissue, loosens fibers and removes "knots"; to a deep penetrating
Hot Stone Massage for the ultimate in heated relaxation. Iron Haus Fitness also
offers Spa Treatments which not only comfort and soothe, but also cleanse,
exfoliate and moisturize for silky smooth, healthy skin.
Massage Therapy

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